My Passion

I am an historian. I love history and always have enjoyed studying history. My most recent degree is an MA in History with the concentration in Ancient and Classical studies (1 December 2020 conferral). I consider myself fortunate to have been stationed in Germany when the Berlin Wall fell and the FRG and DDR reunified, and Former Soviet Groups of Forces redeployed to the east of the Urals. History provides keys to our past, context to our present, and potential windows into our future. History must survive and neither be destroyed nor rewritten to serve the whims and wiles of governments, movements, politicians, and anyone who wants to erase the undesirable and uncomfortable. The past serves to remind us of the good, the bad, and the hideous atrocities so we can learn and perhaps choose to not repeat past transgressions. The hope is for us collectively to become better humans toward one another, our planet and her wildlife and natural resources. There is unending knowledge to be obtained from ancient times, if one is a seeker.

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