Enchanting One’s Senses

“What Delights My Senses”
– An exercise for oneself from the Apr/May 2020 Yoga Journal magazine

Last night I began reviewing journal entries from the last year or so. Yes, there are recurring themes of frustration and anger, akin to an LP that is skipping and stuck in a loop. There are also insights that I buried, wallowing in my own little microcosm of misery, at times self-inflicted by my Type-A/OCD personality. I want to share something I learned from the Apr/May 2020 Yoga Journal that can help one focus on what is going right, rather than all the icky chaff that is cluttering our energy fields. It is an exercise called “What Delights My Senses” and includes five simple questions to answer generously, per the column. I share with you, dear reader, my simple answers from 23 June 2020 as an example of looking inside oneself and going with the first thing(s) that pop into one’s mind. You see, they are mostly what is right before and around us, in our humans, animals, and purities of nature. This is a rewarding exercise that can help one focus on the good and positive aspects of life, especially this year, and refocus on the potential to renew one’s energy and spirit in 2021.

1. What do I love the sight of?
– My family – wife, daughter, grandson, parents, etc…Our Pets
– My friends – inner circle
2. What do I love the smell of?
– The woods…mountain pine…pure streams
3. What do I love the sound of?
– Birds, the ocean waves, silence, a trickling brook
4. What do I love the taste of?
– Cold water, dark chocolate, coffee, a good beer, ice cream
5. What do I love the feeling of on my skin?
– Water, soft & clean sheets, my wife


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