Full Moon Berserkers

We have three dogs (lost our dear Angel Lucy in March) and eight cats…our petting zoo as my best friend with whom I grew up refers to our home. I reviewed journal entries last night prior to going to sleep and recorded a new entry. I still felt unsettled and very anxious, due in-part because I am very worried about my dearheart who is far away. Anyway, the cats and dogs were acting like berserkers. Prior to turning in, one of the youngest cats was running around our main level looking for…something…behind and under every piece of furniture. We were like what is she doing, and the others were also not exactly calm. Then when we were all tucked in with several fur babies, one pup decided to go after at least two cats and got a tuft of fur from the one that was running amok earlier. This pup is the same one who sensed my anxiety and was snuggling next to me, apparently to protect me from anything and anyone. I checked my Samsung Gear and was like ah, yes of course, it is a full moon, which I already knew from looking at the twilight glow outside in the middle of the night. I must remember to more closely track the moon phases so I can fortify myself, our pack, and home in preparation for the pull of the moon’s energy. I will say it was entertaining to watch the cat run around but then I should have checked in with the energy of nature as there is always an answer. Namaste.

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