Wondercide – Great for Yard, Garden, Pets, You

We have completed an annual cycle of using products from this company. The bottom line is they work, and work well, and are gentle on our environment, our plants and yard, our pets, and us.

For the yard, we did not buy each individual product (e.g. bug, flea & tick, etc) but opted to work with the Outdoor Pest Control Concentrate for Yard and Garden in the 32 oz size. It worked great and was effective against ticks, which were a problem in 2020. We have never seen fleas…knock on wood. It also helped mitigate those nasty stink bugs we have in the Mid-Atlantic. It did not take them out 100% but it sure knocked them down to a minimum. I will hit their favorite areas again as the weather turns warmer and they start coming out; earlier than I did last spring. Now that we know this works, I will order the larger bottle of concentrate. I mix it up in a one gallon sprayer that we bought at our local ACE store. I do recommend to not use this product with another at the same time. I did and damaged the leaves on some of our garden and yard plants, which recovered for the most part. Something in the competing products did not play well, although we use mostly natural products with the OMRI/Bonide seal.

We bought two different scents (cedarwood and rosemary) of the Flea and Tick Spray for Pets & Home in the 16 oz bottles, and the same two scents in the Insect Repellent for Kids & Family. If we forget “ours” we simply use those for the pups if we head out to a park where we either suspect or know there is an active tick and potential flea presence. The only issue we have had is the little pump action on the human bottles gets stuck and I keep forgetting to mention that on their website to see if there is a fix. At any rate these are good, safe products that really do work.

The latest set of products is the Ear Wash and Treatment Kit for Dogs and Cats. Again, these work and smell great. I groom our dogs, which includes their ears. pedis, and haircuts for the Bichons. Yes, we have complete spa days together, one-on-one time that I enjoy with them. Naturally, they are not a replacement for prescription products in the event of an ear infection, which our Poochon has been susceptible to since he was a puppy. However, they work well and are not greasy.

Here is their website – https://www.wondercide.com/. I am signed up for their e-mails and they have a new Fruit Fly Trap that I want to order and try. We have been using ACV in little traps we bought, which has kind of been working but not as well as desired. I will add one to my shopping list. While all homes and yards are different, we found these products to be effective even in our very humid Maryland.